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Cleaning Laminate Floors. Laminate kitchen floors are probably the most cost-effective and flexible floor coverings available. Laminate flooring is made by selecting a pattern and coating it with a layer of melamine (resin or plastic material) to protect its characteristics.

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How to clean your laminate flooring by using a Zwipes microfiber cloth or any brand, a Clorox ready mop or similar, white distilled vinegar and water!

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General Care and Maintenance for your laminate flooring. General cleaning and care advice from John Chappell Technical Services. Mr. John Chappell - specialist.

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How to Clean Laminate Floors. Laminate floors need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent them from getting scratched or warped, but using harsh.

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Routine Laminate Floor Cleaning & Care. Clean your laminate floor using a microfiber or terry cloth mop and Armstrong Flooring Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner. For best results, spray cleaner directly onto the bottom of the mop cover. Sweep or vacuum regularly using the wand attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

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Cleaning laminate flooring is simple- dirt and dust are easily removed with a vacuum or broom. Yes, keep in mind always never to use any of the following products on your floor: ammonia based cleaners, acrylic finishes, wax based products, detergents, bleach, polishes and oil soaps, or abrasive cleaning soaps.

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Here are 5 quick tips from Swiffer to take the stress out of cleaning your laminate floors! Swiffer makes cleaning laminate floors quick, easy, and fun!

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Learn about laminate flooring care and maintenance as well as the best way to clean laminate and the tools needed to replace laminate flooring.

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Instructions for cleaning and caring for a laminate floor installation, including cautionary information to help you avoid damaging the material.

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Spray a dedicated laminate floor cleaner onto a clean microfiber dust mop, or use a mixture of equal parts vinegar and hot water, also lightly sprayed onto the dust mop rather than applied to the floor directly. Wipe the floor with the mop after sweeping or dusting all the loose, dry debris away.

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A mop: spray mop, terry cloth mop, or sponge mop. A bucket (depending on the mop) A cleaner (choose one): A mix of one cup white vinegar in 1 gallon of distilled water. A mixture of one part isopropyl alcohol, one part white vinegar, and two parts distilled water.

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What's the trick to clean laminate floors that shine? Read on for maintenance tips, everyday cleaning methods, and stain removal how-tos.

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We bought Quick-Step laminate flooring and this is the information we were given in regards to cleaning it… NEVER use a wax, polish, oil, or varnish.

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Shaw Laminate Flooring is Naturally Durable, Making Cleaning a Breeze. Here, We're Going to Give you the Crash Course on How to Care for your Laminate Flooring.

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How To Clean Laminate Floors – Cleaning Laminate Floors is FUN. Cleaning laminate floors is so quick and simple you’ll be laughing! Here’s a fun guide to teach you how to clean laminate floors quickly and painlessly, so you have more time to enjoy the rest of the day.

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Laminate floors are known for being difficult to keep shiny and clean. Here's some tips on how to clean and remove stains and shine the laminate.

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How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking. Laminate flooring often contains small grooves on the surface, making it more challenging to clean using.

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To maintain the beauty of laminate flooring follow these laminate floor maintenance guidelines. Know what to do to maximize the lifetime of any laminate floor.

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Laminate floors are best washed with a combination of vinegar and water, which can be combined and kept in a spray bottle. Clean up debris before spraying.

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This method of cleaning laminate floors will cut your cleaning time in half, plus it is the safest way to wet mop laminate flooring to prevent serious damage from warping. If you are not convinced that microfiber mops are the best way to clean laminate floors see my article: 10 advantages of microfiber mops for cleaning laminate floors.